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                    Clean Air - COVID-19 Update:

Clean Air Inc. has added a new disinfectant Contec Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution which has been used in hospital and medical facilities to kill 100% of disease and odor causing organisms since 1978.  It has the lowest EPA toxicity rating for an antimicrobial while killing disease and odor causing microbes including MRSA, VRE, H1N2, H1N1 and COVID-19This solution continues to kill harmful organisms once sprayed in your duct system for 6 months unless removed. This disinfectant spray is included in the purchase of our Premium Duct Cleaning Service at no extra charge.   

 Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts Serving Homeowners in Northern Virginia and Surrounding Areas 

Why choose Clean Air Inc?

Clean Air Inc. has 22 years of experience in air duct cleaning services, dryer vent cleaning as well as, HVAC service and repair.  Our technicians do NOT get paid on commission so you will not get pushed to buy anything or add any services that you do not need just to increase your costs.  We price our air duct and dryer vent cleaning services based on the number units in your house and not by vents so there will never be any hidden charges. Many people do not know that in order to effectively clean the air ducts the indoor and outdoor coils and all of the components that are involved in circulating the air throughout your home must also be cleaned. This is why our technicians have experience in HVAC servicing as well as just air duct cleaning.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work which is why we have an outstanding reputation with our customers, many of whom we have worked with for many years. Attached to your digital invoice we provide before and after pictures to show the care and attention to detail that we use for each job.  Just check out our ratings and reviews on Google and Yelp and let our customers speak for themselves.  We are rated five stars on Google and Yelp and Award Winning on Angie's List.  

This is a picture of the unseen dirt grime and other contaminants being removed from the outside cooling coil by Clean Air Inc.  We recommend taking advantage of the Premium Package which provides the most services which if priced out individually at our competitors prices would cost thousands, however, is only $100 more than our Basic Package. We guarantee you will not find the quality services we offer at a better price.  The Premium  Package is basically an AC complete tune up, which includes cleaning the indoor cooling coil and removing mold that grows every year due to the gallons of  water that condensates daily during the spring and summer seasons.  We also flush the condensate lines that connect to the cooling coil, the outdoor AC condenser coil is also cleaned with a special chemical that removes grime that is not visible due to being hidden between the fins of the coil. This image shows just how important cleaning the outdoor coil is to the health of your system. 

This is  before and after image of an air duct cleaning provided by Clean Air Inc. We use the top of the line Hypervac Negative Air Machine to that uses a combination of suction and a powerful compressor which  used in combination with agitators attached to the hose that detaches  hard to reach attached mold, dust, dirt and debris which finally ends up in  into our machines filter which we clean after every job.  You will be amazed by the images we provide of just how much debris has been removed and will no longer circulate through ought the air in your home.  For a better understanding of the Negative Air Machine we have a video below which illustrates the process and can show you why this is the best system on the market today.  After we ensure all debris is removed from your air ducts we use Envirocon to sanitize your ducts which eliminates all microscopic contaminants.

One of the many included services Clean Air Inc. provides with our air duct cleaning service packages is we remove, clean and sanitize all vents in your home.  Although we only charge by the number of units in your home and not by the vent like many other duct cleaning companies, as you can tell in these images, vents collect mold, dust and debris as well as the ducts.  We remove each vent and after we have cleaned and sanitized them we replace them with new white tip screws free of charge.  


Duct cleaning of all supply, return ducts

- Cleaning of all supply  and return vent covers
-Sanitizing return duct only


- Duct cleaning of all supply, return ducts
- Clean and sanitize all supply, return vent covers
- Replacement of vent cover screws 
- Furnace indoor blower cleaning and mold removal
- Sanitizing/Fogging with Envirocon Solution
- Dryer Vent Cleaning
-flushing of indoor water condensate line. 


- Clean the dryer vent from outside exhaust 
- Clean dryer vent cover
- Inspect dryer vent hose
- Clean dryer vent from inside 
- Check and secure dryer vent connections
- Check dryer airflow
- Inspect all equipment is up to date on all safety codes.

Special July Offer

.- UV16/24 V Induct UV Light Air Purifier

- Neutralizes Air born mold, bacteria and viruses
- Ultra violet light whole house air purification system installation
- After having your Duct and HVAC - System cleaned and sanitized this system will prevent mold from ever growing back in your cooling coil as well as preventing bacteria and viruses from becoming air born and circulating throughout your household.

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